Remi Picó ©   Giz Zag 

Wood, Aluminium and Acrylic


Paraconsistent is an ongoing project that embraces the ideas of contradiction and inconsistency. The name references the Paraconsistent Logic, a logic theory that accommodate contradictory and inconsistent information as potentially informative. The fundamental idea in this work is that Art is a Paraconsistent system, and, the artist most powerful weapons are contradiction and inconsistency. 

Remi Picó ©  I Assolo | Solo

Brass and Trumpet, 15 x 60 x 7″

Remi Picó ©  I Il Cassetto Di Mio Padre | My Father’s Drawer

Wood, Aluminium and Acrylic

Remi Picó © La Gabbia | The Cage

Acrylic on wood

Remi Picó © Oops I Stepped On A Piece Of Art

Mix Media, 80″ x 15″ x 5″

Remi Picó © Secondo piano |  Second Floor

Wood, Acrylic and Aluminium, 43″ x 78″ x 1.5″


Wood and Acrylic, 20″ x 49″ x 1″

Remi Picó © IPSO FACTO

Mix Media

Remi Picó © Chair Hair Air

Studio for an Installation

Remi Picó © Essere or Non Essere | To Be or Not To Be

Acrylic on Wood, 30×30″